glasshouseWelcome to vCrib

The Virtual Crib is free Automation software that runs on Windows and requires no programming to setup. It has a nice graphical interface and has unique features that high-end security and automation systems do not.

vCrib is still in early testing stages, but several people are running it now and it is stable. The Wiki has detailed setup information and there are videos that demonstrate vCrib’s features and teach you how to set it up yourself.

Our forums are still small but we have some excellent contributors that are very helpful.   So come in and let us help you get setup, or just stop in to chat about automation or technology in general.

Development began on the Virtual Crib in January 2006 by Vaughn Rupp.   In January 2007, vCrib’s first tester began using vCrib on a limited basis.   vCrib now has several testers and contributors and is growing every day.

Check the wiki to see all the different protocols and hardware that vCrib supports and all of it’s great features.

Core Team

Vaughn Rupp - Creator

Humanzee (Tod) - 1st Tester, Forum moderator.

Hobbes487 (Brian) - Z-Wave, Bluetooth, Jabber, Web Developer.

SnyperBob (Bob) - Tester, Wiki Administrator.

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