vCrib 0090 is released to Production with Videos.

vCrib home automation software version 0090 is now in production. Install videos are in the videos section of the site. Version 0080a has been removed and is no longer being supported. If you are running any version besides 0090, please upgrade. Support is available via IM if you have any problems upgrading.

Development work has already begun on the next version. We will see some big changes in how the graphics screens are created and what they can display in the next version. If you have big feature requests, now is the time to post them.

Enjoy the release.

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vCrib v0.0.8.0 Released

VCrib version has been released!  There are a lot of changes in this version.  Most notably, the migration of some of the apps to .NET.  The Bluetooth and Z-Wave apps are now included in the install as well.  All of these .NET apps are included in a zip file that gets installed in the vCrib install directory.  Just extract it to that same directory and you should be good to go.  As always please post on the forum with any bugs/issues you may come across.  You can find the list of changes after the break…

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