ANNOUNCEMENT - New Project Has Started

The Virtual Crib started out of an interest to create a home automation program to fit certain needs as they came along. It was mostly created as a hobby and not a lot of effort was put into the architecture and design to make it more usable by the masses. This has spawned a new project called Open Source Automation. It is a completely new project that uses some of the great ideas from vCrib along with a completely new architecture. The project is open source, includes an API to allow for easy development and a bunch of new features. The creation of this new project means that support and development for vCrib has ended, but progress on OSA is coming along rapidly. Come check it out at

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IRC Channel

As another way to improve communication and accessibility between the developers and new users, we have opened up an IRC channel where users can ask questions and get support. You can find it at #vcrib on

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New Video Released

A new video of my bathroom and how to set it up in vCrib has been posted. There are also some previews of new features from 0091 in there. You can find the video in my Demo Videos section, or watch it on with this link.

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