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DENIED: multiple database support

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DENIED: multiple database support
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I haven't tried it yet since I'm just in the research phase on how to automate my house - but I will definitely be giving this a shot!

I was thinking though of developing my own since I really need a web interface... I was thinking I might give my house it's own .net webservice api and play around with silverlight or something...

but if this is good enough I may forgo writing my own - do you support other databases? the one I most commonly use is sql server - the express edition is just as free as mysql. I rarely get around to installing mysql or postgresql.... unless I'm developing in linux

also, I think it would be awesome if your program used the voice from KIT from the 'knight rider' lol. I would be so suprised if you never watched that show

oh... and one final thing - do you have step by step instructions in your wiki on how to make your 'magic box' (or any of these other cool projects you do like the usb turret thing) - that is almost exactly what I need - I prefer the button over having the app always listening for a catch-phrase before receiving commands. I'm sure it is super simple - but I'm just a software guy - I'd like to know the fundamentals of electronics engineering - but I don't yet ! so I need simple projects spelled out like that to get my feet wet...

but don't worry about doing it for my sake - I just wondered if it was out there. thanks for all the hard work you've put into this for free!
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My guess is that supporting an additional database type is not on the priority list. Apparently there are enough issues in keeping up with changes made in the various MySQL versions. Almost all the logic is moving into MySQL stored procedures so it may be a completely different project to move to another DB format.

That being said there is nothing stopping you from developing a .net web service with the existing vCrib database. The entire automation system is based off of simple record inserts and select statements. In fact the admin.exe GUI is only really needed to administer and setup, I don't think you need to run it to have the automation keep running. You only need events.exe running and the individual modules that you use to execute commands or input data. So your user interface could look like anything as long as you can read and write from the DB. I might wait for 0060 before getting too into it a web project though as I've been told to expect some db changes. Also we don't have our own API yet so its would involve hunting and pecking around the tables for clues of what to do. I think Vaughn has a old version of a web interface that could run on a pocket PC but it may be way out of date now. You could pm him and see what is available to work from.

Silverlight would be nice, but i think we'd prefer to keep the authoring tools open source too in case somebody wants to build off your work. Again nothing stopping you though.

From my googling I think we are a ways off from true voice synthesis where in you could emulate Knight Industries Two Thousand speech. For now you'd have to take samples from every episode and make a word or phrase library. And unless your name is "Michael" that library may be hard to put to use. Very Happy

I believe the magic box is based off of rewiring a wireless microphone They usually have an on off switch that you can rewire to a momentary switch. Otherwise, the box is just a speaker box. My main client machine is Vista and I couldn't get VR to work on it anyway so I haven't even tried to make a magic box.

vCrib Tester #1, Forum moderator, using INSTEON devices, X10 sensors and remotes via W800RF, All doors are wired with contact closures.
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Joined: 16 May 2008
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thank you for your help. Your logo is very scary - Hal is like the 13th most villainous character in movie history!

right now I'm still deciding which route to go as far as hardware. Insteon vs a pure RF tech like z-wave.... I think I will go with insteon - but if I ever decide to do any sort of development effort based on your DB, I'll be sure to let you know....
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SQLServer Express is just for local machine development. The foundation of vCrib uses MySQL's remote access capabilities to replace the need for proprietary TCP/IP communication between the apps on different machines.

Originally the entire project was made on SQLServer, but it converted easily and although I love the MS environment, they all work about the same and this is free and I just don't see the need to mess with other DB's now.

I would help anyone that wanted to port the DB though. I just don't have the resources to support multiple DBs at this time though, not without help.

the Crib Keeper
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